Getting in Touch with our Desires

What do you want?

When we are caught in the throes of substance addiction the question we have often lose sight of is …

“What do you want?”

Our body has been so ravaged by addiction that our soul’s desires are erased. The wreckage of our struggle silences our soul, emaciated or bloats our bodies, and our real needs remain unmet. 

So much of healing, for the addict, involves getting back in touch with our needs and wants. 

Do you know what you want? 

  • Do you want to be tired everyday, hungover, and struggling to face the day’s challenges or do you want to look at the day as full of promise and potential?
  • Do you want to look at your body and wonder who has taken it over, or do you want to see healthy, vibrant skin tone, muscles, and feel good again?
  • Do you want to feel imprisoned by needing to plan your day around the next fix, or be free to go and do what you desire without the shackles of addiction telling you where you need to be?

Take a few moments to center yourself and try to get back in touch with what you want. Put your hand on your heart, the other hand on your stomach and take three deep breaths. 

Go ahead, we will wait 😉

With your hands on your heart and stomach and still breathing, ask yourself.

 “What do you want?”

And then listen…

Write down what you hear and then ask again. 

“What do you want?”

If you are struggling or your inner critic is showing up, thank them for their service and ask them to tuck in for a minute. It’s natural for that inner critic to show up and tell you all the things you can’t have, we just want to keep you in your curious mind for now. 

Ask again. 

“What do you want?”

Don’t judge the ideas or criticize, just notice them and then write them down. 

You’re doing great. 

Now ask this…

“How do you want to feel?”

Notice what comes up. Jot it down and then ask again.

“How do you want to feel?”

Listen and note. You’re doing awesome!

Each of these things you want and want to feel are core desires that have been silenced or numbed by your obsession with the substance, but they can be recovered. You can make strides back to who you want to be and how you want to feel. It is not impossible (even if your inner bully is screaming right now). There is a path back to where you want to go, and we know how to get you there. 

If you believe you or someone you love has a substance abuse problem and you need help answering questions, our counselors are standing by. 

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